“A brilliant idea- that we can read your diary. Who wouldn’t wan’t to read someone’s diary for starters? It’s brilliantly written- A great build up with the anticipation of a big event and the emotions described so well. As always, your delivery of humour is just brilliant. I really can’t wait to read the next bit.” – Vikki Sutherns

 I like it ! You write so vividly! – Roselyne Veranneman-Eyre

“I’m saving up several days at a time, then enjoying a quiet read. It makes me think of my life experiences on board various ships in different parts of the world, but mostly makes me think of my Dad and what it was like for him on his first trips away, he started out on steam ships!

I did laugh out loud a few times, brilliant stuff!” – Ruth Eley

“I think the word here is ‘Blimey!'” – Peter Collard

Feel more than sea sick……..
“The Perfect Storm”. – Pauline James

Response to Day 21

OMG! This is building into a disaster movie!” – Peter Collard

Who’s going to play you in the film?” – Rachel Ganuszko

Response to Day 24

“They say only the ones who go there knows how it is. Reading you it’s like being there again. Against all odds I miss it, don’t ask me why. Maybe is the feeling of belonging to the few who witness it in first person.” – Dani Fox

“Just discovered this blog last night & having read from day 1 I must say how much I have enjoyed it. Having spent the early years of my life on trawlers in the Atlantic I can identify with what you describe so easily. Looking forward to the rest of your story!” – tommuintir

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