Day 55

11th December 2001 The storm was travelling fast and left us as quickly as it arrived; today was fine and bright, a few big swells remain but conditions are good enough to fish. So it’s back to reality and I’m up to my elbows in fish guts again. Yesterday was a welcome interlude though, and … Continue reading Day 55

Day 43

29th November I said to Miguel today that I think there had been a mix up with the catch reports. I didn’t outright accuse him of fiddling the figures but I didn’t need to. He just shrugged and said you keep your figures and I’ll keep mine, and so that was that. There’s nothing I … Continue reading Day 43

Day 29

15th November 2001 I watched a trawl come aboard today. It had a surprise inside. There weren't many fish, but one very big fish made up for it. Once the net was on board it became apparent that we'd caught a large Greenland shark. It was a real monster, close to 5 metres long. It … Continue reading Day 29

Day 27

13th November 2001 It's bizarre to think that people have known about this patch of sea for such a long time. Fishing here is by no means a new thing. The Captain was telling me about Portugal's history of fishing for cod on the Grand Banks which dates back since the early 16th century. Large … Continue reading Day 27