Day 37

23rd November 2001 Miguel was telling me a few days ago that sometimes the Greenland halibut fishing starts a bit earlier in the north, on the the ‘Nose’ of the Grand Banks in 3L (three lima). We steamed up here on the off-chance that he was right, but it turns out that the fishing up … Continue reading Day 37

Day 35

21st November 2001 The weather is good and we are fishing once again, but the fish have gone elsewhere. We have sailed north to target Greenland halibut, but the season has barely started, and as yet they are illusive. Not much fish means that there hasn’t been much work for me to do, and off … Continue reading Day 35

Day 29

15th November 2001 I watched a trawl come aboard today. It had a surprise inside. There weren't many fish, but one very big fish made up for it. Once the net was on board it became apparent that we'd caught a large Greenland shark. It was a real monster, close to 5 metres long. It … Continue reading Day 29