Day 88

13th January 2002 Since I last wrote anything here the weather has been really bad (as opposed to bad). Bad weather is horrible as there is absolutely nothing to do. Really bad weather though, by some quirk of my nature, is fun and exciting. You see, in really bad weather the weather itself is spectacle … Continue reading Day 88

Day 69

25th December 2001   Apparently Christmas Day isn't much celebrated in Portugal, with Christmas Eve being the main event. Certainly on the boat it was a day like any other except there was more alcohol with lunch. Nonetheless I had a little Christmas morning for myself. The ridiculousness of it cheered me up. I felt … Continue reading Day 69

Day 55

11th December 2001 The storm was travelling fast and left us as quickly as it arrived; today was fine and bright, a few big swells remain but conditions are good enough to fish. So it’s back to reality and I’m up to my elbows in fish guts again. Yesterday was a welcome interlude though, and … Continue reading Day 55

Day 53

9th December 2001 Over the past weeks I’ve almost been willing a storm. In true British fashion I’m never happy with the weather. When it’s calm we fish relentlessly, day in, day out around the clock, so the work becomes a monotonous daily grind. When it’s very rough we can’t fish and I complain about … Continue reading Day 53

Day 46

2nd December 2001From the fog came the Canadian warship ‘Ville de Quebec’ early this morning. As she did so the VHF radio crackled into life. ‘Santa Maria, Santa Maria, this is Canadian Fisheries Inspector onboard the HMCS Ville de Quebec, come in, over.’ Miguel picked up the radio and replied. He already had the pilot … Continue reading Day 46

Day 43

29th November I said to Miguel today that I think there had been a mix up with the catch reports. I didn’t outright accuse him of fiddling the figures but I didn’t need to. He just shrugged and said you keep your figures and I’ll keep mine, and so that was that. There’s nothing I … Continue reading Day 43