Day 108

2nd February 2002

1-IMG_0718It’s late now. I was just getting ready for bed when I thought I’d get some fresh air out of the porthole. I ended up hanging out the porthole for ages thinking about everything. Being at sea is a great opportunity to think if nothing else; there are so few distractions and many simple realisations to come to.

As our trip progresses I’m becoming aware of our catching up with time… Ship’s time was never fully adjusted to the local time zone so that it made it easier to communicate with Portugal. But now we are approaching the time zone correct for ships time, i.e. it gets light and dark at the correct times now, lunchtime is actually at mid-day rather than in the morning.

It’s weird to feel the changes as you travel through what you’d otherwise think is a monotone seascape. We are now 160nm NNE of the Azores and although it’s the same view (360 degrees of unbroken blue horizon) it feels very different to the fishing area. It is warmer, the sea is a shade less deadly-looking and somehow there is just a different feel to this patch of water which is very hard to communicate.

While I can’t wait to get back to land, I know I’m going to miss it out here. It’s been an experience.

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