Day 101

26th January 2002

It’s a day much the same as any other out here in the wilderness. The weather is bad and set to get worse, we are heading south for warmth and better seas. It is a matter of days now before we head home, I wouldn’t be surprised if we make our escape on the 28th if the weather forecast shows more low pressures approaching. At worst we will be underway on the 31st so it is safe to say the trip is drawing to a close. I’m glad to say time is passing quickly and I can’t believe that there are only 12 days left; this seems a small timescale when previously I was talking in months rather than days or weeks.

I actually volunteered to stay out here a few more weeks on the radio show yesterday…not because I want to you understand but there were exceptional circumstances! An observer on another vessel is due to get married in a couple of weeks and his vessel is not returning before that time. The office had already told him they would send a relief observer on the Kommandor Amalie, but there has been a big mix up and the long and the short of it is that there are no observers on board (something to do with the new company believing MRAG would despatch observers and MRAG believing the new company would, and neither did!). I offered to transfer to his vessel so he could get home in time and save his marriage before it started. The problem is that there is a policy whereby observers are only allowed to transfer between vessels using the Kommandor Amalie and so we are not allowed to use the Santa Maria’s service boat. It looks likely that by the time the KA gets to us to do the transfer, we will already have left and be on our way to Portugal, so it’s unlikely I’ll be able to help, but I’m sure somebody else will.

Okay, this isn’t the Santa Maria, but you get the idea…

Sitting at the desk is tiring me; I still curse these swivel chairs in rough weather. I’m going to turn in soon and read for a while. I’m warming my bed at the moment by putting bottles full of hot water in the drawers underneath……they just keep the edge off all night and my proper hot water bottle ‘with plush cover’ is a god send! I think it is an enchanted water bottle because it stays warm ALL night, even if it is only luke warm it is still a damn sight warmer than my sub-zero cabin.

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