Day 83

8th January 2002

We haven’t been able to fish today due to the weather and so there has been little in the way of work for me to do. A day of leisure some might say but that would depend on your definition of leisure. I read for the majority of the day, which is indeed a leisurely pursuit but I’d much rather have been doing some physical land-based activity.

The one good thing about ship’s time being ahead of true time is that the evenings are short, however dinner coincides with sunset and so I miss the majority of them. Tonight however, during dinner, I peered through the porthole and an orange glow was a tell-tale sign of a good sunset. Setting aside table manners, I wolfed my desert and swilled down my coffee so quickly I almost scalded my throat and entire digestive tract, made my excuse and took in an incredible sunset. The storm clouds were still gathered in the east but the sun was a huge sphere above the horizon that tinged everything in a sepia tone. The sea looked like molten bronze, still angry from the storm, the huge swells contrasted oddly with the sedate sunset. There was a fragment of sky instead of being stormy black or sepia was the most vivid blue, so vivid it looked absurd.

The highlight of the day was talking to Vik on the phone; it was the first time I’ve been able to get through to her. She sounds really happy about living in Penzance and Kezzie is getting on well at school. I wish I could phone more and for longer, it is so nice to talk to people. So it sounds as if all is dandy back in the land of Cornwall and I can’t wait to get back there.

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