Day 82

7th January 2002

Still no parcels and now the weather has broken with the approach of a new low pressure. It is so frustrating to see them waste the opportunity of good weather. I’m not sure if I will ever get those parcels.

I was up at 6 this morning working in the factory as there was a large catch consisting predominantly of plaice, actually two trawls were made last night and one burst as it hauled and lost about 40% of its contents. In all they dragged in 16 tonnes between 8 and midnight, plus another ~4 tonnes that were lost. It’s hard to imagine how many fish that is, it seems impossible for there to be that many fish in the sea.

I have just sent a fax to Mum and Dad, I hope it worked, I think it did as I got a message delivery successful report. I’m hoping to ring Vik tonight though I don’t think we can get through to Reykjavik, the captain has already tried. That is the worst thing about being out here; lack of communication. If only I could have access to email or easy access to cheaper phone calls it would be brilliant.

I’m so excited about going home; I count the days and look at the calendar time and time again! I originally thought we’d leave here on the 31st to arrive in Portugal for the 7th but it looks like we’d have to leave on the 29/30th…a welcome bonus. We will need more fuel to finish the trip which leaves two possibilities; either leave a day earlier and refuel in the Azores (which I hope happens) or to refuel from the tanker again out here. If the former happens we’d probably leave on the 28th which is exactly 3 weeks from now.

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