Day 56

12th December 2001 The storm moved north when it left us, and went on to cause mischief on the Flemish Cap and Nose of the bank. One ship suddenly ‘disappeared’ from radio contact with no word from it for a couple of days. People feared the worst as ships can and do just disappear in … Continue reading Day 56

Day 55

11th December 2001 The storm was travelling fast and left us as quickly as it arrived; today was fine and bright, a few big swells remain but conditions are good enough to fish. So it’s back to reality and I’m up to my elbows in fish guts again. Yesterday was a welcome interlude though, and … Continue reading Day 55

Day 53

9th December 2001 Over the past weeks I’ve almost been willing a storm. In true British fashion I’m never happy with the weather. When it’s calm we fish relentlessly, day in, day out around the clock, so the work becomes a monotonous daily grind. When it’s very rough we can’t fish and I complain about … Continue reading Day 53

Day 51

7th December 2001 I got talking to the Mate again today and we hit on the subject of superstitions. Seamen are very superstitious, religious or both. When you live and work in a hostile environment where so much is beyond your control, and often beyond your comprehension, then it’s easy to see why you might … Continue reading Day 51

Day 48

4th December 2001The weather is absolutely stunning, the sea is calm, and I’ve had the best night’s sleep since leaving land. Consequently I feel happy! I spent hours roaming around outside on deck, watching the sea and anything else that might bob past. Of course it’s still cold, but crisp and sunny. It was so … Continue reading Day 48