Day 50

6th December 2001

littleauk1I saw more Annie Lennoxes today, so this evening on the radio show I asked if any other observers knew what they were. Others had seen them, but nobody knew what they were called. Then at the end of the show, Tarik called me up and told me that the bird is called a little oak, but he has a strong French accent and so I think they are actually called little auks – I know auks are a family of seabirds, which I think include puffins which now I come to think of it makes sense, so there we have it Annie Lennox is a little auk. I wonder if little auks hatch out from acorns?

From little auks, great puffins grow.


6th December 2017


Little auks breed in the high Arctic, Greenland and Iceland. They forage on copepods, crustaceans and other invertebrates or small fish. The Inuit stuff upto 5oo little auks into a seal skin and let them ferment under a pile of rocks for 18 months to produce a dish called Kiviaq. Sounds about as tasty as the tripe and trotters we ate every Sunday on the Santa Maria.

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