Day 43

29th November

I said to Miguel today that I think there had been a mix up with the catch reports. I didn’t outright accuse him of fiddling the figures but I didn’t need to. He just shrugged and said you keep your figures and I’ll keep mine, and so that was that. There’s nothing I can do about it anyway, or at least not until I get back to land. It’s also really difficult because even though I’m pretty sure I know what is going on, am I so sure that I’d be willing to stand in court over it? Though I doubt it would come to that. There is no way of verifying whose figures are correct because the total catch matches, it’s only the catch per division is different. Oh well, at least he knows I know, and I know he knows I know, so I feel better for that at least.

On the bright side we had a really nice pudding after lunch, it had a biscuit base and ice cream top, almost like a frozen cheesecake. It went down a treat as we don’t get much in the way of sweet things, and after eating fish I hanker after something sweet. The leftovers were put in the mess room fridge and I helped myself to another bit this afternoon. I like to think it was there for Miguel and by eating it myself is one small bit of karma to make up for all the head scratching and stress I’ve had to put up with over the last few days. That’s me, fighting illegal fishing one mouthful of frozen cheesecake at a time.

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