Day 41

27th November 2001

I’ve spent this evening going over my figures because I’ve messed up somewhere and I can’t work out why or how. It’s almost like they are a day out of sync with the vessel’s reported figures but try as I might I can’t see where I’ve gone wrong. It’s very frustrating and the more I look the less I see, so I’ve given up for tonight and will look with fresh eyes tomorrow.

redfishI spent more time in the factory today – lots of redfish again so plenty to do and the time passes quicker. It’s pretty crude how they process them; one single cut with a circular saw at an angle to the body removes the head and the guts with it. The tail is lopped off and that’s it, done. It’s no wonder so many of the crew are missing digits – that saw looks pretty lethal, especially in rough seas or when the crew have been working around the clock. I’ll stick to a knife thanks.

After all day looking at redfish in the factory, it was redfish for dinner, followed by redfish data entry, so I’m pretty fed up with redfish now. When I go to bed tonight I’ll be counting decapitated redfish floating before my eyes.

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