Day 40

26th November 2001

Yesterday the catches were good, the redfish were large and good quality, this morning the catch was small and the redfish were small – it’s a fickle business this fishing. Once again there isn’t much to do, the fish are quickly processed and we spend most of the time trawling or steaming with an empty factory.

It’s good weather at the moment and although it is bitterly cold the sun is shining and the air is crisp and clear. It’s the sort of winter’s day that you would enjoy a nice walk, but out here there isn’t really anywhere to go to be able to enjoy it. It’s not rough but there is enough of a swell to make the bow out of bounds with spray coming over and washing the decks, and the trawl deck stinks of fish and fumes and so not a great place to get ‘fresh’ air.

I still find it odd that we are out here in a true wilderness, surrounded by hundreds of miles of sea and sky, and yet there is nowhere to go. It’s like visiting Snowdonia National Park and not getting out of the car for a walk, or not even being able to open the window for fear of being drenched – actually, that’s probably a poor analogy as you are almost guaranteed to get rained on in Snowdonia. Anyway, this wilderness is almost always framed by a window, and I feel frustrated at not being able to get out in it more.

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