Day 34

20th November 2001

A result of the continual rough weather is tiredness. It’s hard to get a restful nights sleep with the motion and noise. Since the only safe and and comfortable place to be is reading in my bunk, its easy to nod off for a nap and sleep during the day. So after a few days of this my body clock is all wrong and I can’t sleep when I should, and I can’t stay awake when I want to, and so I couldn’t get to sleep last night and then couldn’t wake up this morning. On top of that I didn’t really want to get up this morning because I knew that it would involve getting washed and dressed and going back to bed again to read. I didn’t feel hungry either so I decided to stay in bed and miss out on lunch – not sure I could face boiled hake today anyway. I ventured down later and had some bread and marmalade and a cup of chamomile tea. What I’d give for a cup of proper tea with a drop of milk in it! I really miss tea, I was foolish not to bring any with me, but since there is no milk I’m not sure how much I would have enjoyed it. Coffee is OK with tinned milk, but tea – no.

I’m reading the last of the Harry Potter books (The Goblet of Fire) – they are very good, it’s nice to get away from the ship for a while and these are really easy to read. That was my day really. After a dinner of ribs I went up to the bridge to catch the last of the sunset and get ready for the radio show. It seems that most other boats are now in fine weather and fishing again, so I hope that means we’ve got some better weather coming our way.

After the radio show I waited patiently for my turn on the phone, it eventually came and surprise-surprise the first attempt failed as Dad was on the internet! It’s so frustrating! This was after several days of failed attempts; I tried the day before yesterday but I couldn’t even get through to Reykjavik Radio let alone home, that was probably because of the storm, and yesterday I tried again, got through to Reykjavik only to find that our number was engaged so Dad must have been on the internet. But tonight I didn’t give in! Once the crew had finished making calls I made one last attempt and success! It was really good to speak to Mum & Dad and brilliant to speak to Abby too. Abs the lucky li’l git is going to Spain with aunty Chris at Easter. She sounds excited. Mum has also booked for us all to go to Corfu for a couple of weeks in May…I can’t wait. That news is the perfect antidote to a North Atlantic storm.

I managed to tell Mum the company’s address over the phone, but it was hard work and took ages. Obviously it’s a Portuguese address and difficult both to pronounce and to spell for non-Portuguese speakers, and so I had to spell it out letter by letter – not easy on a one-way phone call with poor reception, but we got there in the end. So hopefully (with all body parts that are crossable, crossed) I’ll receive a parcel before Christmas! Other news from home is that Vik, Tim and Kez are loving their new house, and everyone is in fine fettle. I’m glad I got through in the end, it has really cheered me up.


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