Day 43

29th November I said to Miguel today that I think there had been a mix up with the catch reports. I didn’t outright accuse him of fiddling the figures but I didn’t need to. He just shrugged and said you keep your figures and I’ll keep mine, and so that was that. There’s nothing I … Continue reading Day 43

Day 42

28th November 2001 My figures and the reported figures continue to be at odds, and I think I know why, but I can’t believe it. I’ve been over and over it but the only explanation is that they are up to no good. I’ll try to explain: Our catches are fluctuating daily between good catches … Continue reading Day 42

Day 38

24th November 2001 I woke up and looked out of the porthole to see the tanker ‘Emma’ off the starboard bow with an arrangement of hoses and ropes connecting us. I went up to the bridge and watched what was going on. There was a towing rope to take the strain if the ships moved … Continue reading Day 38

Day 37

23rd November 2001 Miguel was telling me a few days ago that sometimes the Greenland halibut fishing starts a bit earlier in the north, on the the ‘Nose’ of the Grand Banks in 3L (three lima). We steamed up here on the off-chance that he was right, but it turns out that the fishing up … Continue reading Day 37

Day 36

22nd November 2001 Last night seeing dolphins swimming in the bioluminescence was mind blowing, but I was woken up at first light today for more marine mammal drama. I woke to a banging on my door this morning; it was Miguel ‘You wanna see whales?’ he said, ‘There are some outside of the ship.’ Within seconds … Continue reading Day 36

Day 35

21st November 2001 The weather is good and we are fishing once again, but the fish have gone elsewhere. We have sailed north to target Greenland halibut, but the season has barely started, and as yet they are illusive. Not much fish means that there hasn’t been much work for me to do, and off … Continue reading Day 35