Day 12

29th October 2001

On the radar I could clearly see the first island group of the Azores. I went outside and caught a first glimpse of land. It was foggy so couldn’t see much, but a pinnacle of rock appeared, then behind it a cliff face emerged from the fog. We still had many hours of steaming before we reached the main island of Sao Miguel, but it was good to see land again rather than endless ocean.

I read for most of the day and finished Horse Whisperer. With nothing else to do I immediately started the first of the Harry Potter books. It was too rough to walk around on deck so I did virtually nothing else all day. I was relieved to find that despite it being rough I didn’t feel seasick.

Before bed I had a chat to the Captain (who is called Miguel like the island we are about to visit). He estimated that we would arrive at about three in the morning but would probably have to wait until early morning for a pilot to come out and take us in to harbour. I debated whether or not to stay up, but decided I’d be better off having a good sleep and getting up early.

Something was rolling around under my bunk but I couldn’t find it to stow it away. It drove me nuts but eventually managed to get to sleep.


I have changed some of the names of the people and vessels to protect the identity of those involved, but this is otherwise a true account of my experience. If you enjoyed reading this diary extract please feel free to share it. If you haven’t already done so, you can subscribe by clicking here, and ensure you never miss a post.



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