Day 7

24th October 2001

The weather is set to improve and it looks like we will soon be deployed onto our fishing vessels. Apparently I will be among the last off, as the boat I have been earmarked for is a long way away. It looks like the KA will be home for a few more days yet. We had to go up to the aft bridge to meet the Fisheries Inspectors and have a briefing about when and how we would make our transfers to our allotted trawlers.

One of the Inspectors is a BIG German man, and looks like a submarine commander from a war film. He was all of six foot six and had an air about him which commanded attention. Even the Captain of the Kommandor Amalie seemed to wait on his every word.

We gathered around him on the bridge and he began his brief ‘I shall say zis only vwonce, ‘ he began, ‘Zese are my orders.’  He didn’t really say that, but he should have. Behind him through the aft bridge window the sun was setting and the panoramic window framed a view of nothing but a sea of molten gold. The crisp horizon tilted from diagonal corners of the window as the ship rolled. It put me in mind of those pointless executive toys with the two immiscible liquids in a clear frame, swishing around but never mixing. What is the point of those?

‘Any questions?’ he boomed, snapping me out of my trance. Nobody murmured. I guess he didn’t command my attention after all.

I went outside onto the bridge wing and vomited off the leeward side, jumper intact. I was getting the hang of it.


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