Day 6

23rd October 2001

I still feel like death on legs.

I briefly felt better after lunch, and having not eaten or kept anything down yesterday I was quite hungry. I should have stopped after the chicken curry, but I really fancied some ice cream. The ice cream was cool and refreshing and my body craved the sugar and fat in it in the same way that I always crave ice cold coke to quench a hangover thirst. Afterwards I went on deck hoping that the fresh air would quell the cold sweat that was starting, but was promptly sick over the windward side and a blob of curry ice cream blew back on my jumper. That was a low point. I just couldn’t face dealing with the jumper, so I took it off and threw it overboard feeling guilty about throwing something in the sea, but so desperate to be rid of the issue.

In summary, today I learned that ice cream isn’t good for an upset stomach, and the windward side of a ship is not a good place to be sick.


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