Day 5

22nd October 2001

Oh Christ, I feel so sick. I slept OK but couldn’t get up this morning for breakfast, and when I did manage to pull myself out of my bunk and get dressed I felt so exhausted by the effort that after running to the toilet to be sick I had to go back to bed to lie down again.

I’m not going to be able to write much today, concentrating on the screen is hard. Apart from a day spent sleeping and vomiting and wishing that the world would be still, there isn’t much to say. I hope I get my sea legs tomorrow.


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2 thoughts on “Day 5

  1. Can you recall, what was the weather like when you felt so sick? Worst i witnessed on NAFO (or anywhere) was 24m waves (at least cpt. got such forecast from Icelandic stations) . Was barely able to walk that day on the vessel, ate just some dry food.

    Once again, thanks for great read, I am reliving some moments i had on sea through your diary, and realizing that i was an idiot for not putting on paper thoughts although had those ideas cause such experiences are valuable – i learned more about myself on the sea in couple of months then years on land.

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    1. It wasn’t very rough at that point (that comes later) probably a force 7 but I always get sick when I first go to sea unless it’s flat calm.
      24 m waves – that is pretty hellish. I always found it to be such an amazing spectacle when it was very rough.
      I agree completely about learning about yourself at sea, I think sometimes the mental battles at sea are bigger than the biggest storms. Very glad I had the opportunity to do it though.


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