Salty Tales is the diary of my first sea voyage as a Fisheries Observer; 111 days on a Portuguese stern trawler during a stormy North Atlantic winter.

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Salty Tales

The trip began one October night in 2001, when I transferred from a fishery patrol ship to a rusty old trawler more than 200 miles out at sea, somewhere on Newfoundland’s Grand Banks.

My predecessor had left a note in  my cabin which read:

“Careful of the ship’s nurse – he is a bit too touchy feely if you catch my drift. Don’t believe the figures the Captain gives you – he’s making them up, and go careful around the crew – one of them was killed 2 weeks ago when he got caught in the winch was cut into 3 pieces. His brothers and cousins are onboard, and they are pretty cut up about it! Have a good trip!”

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If salty tales are your thing, and you’d like to understand a little more about the life of trawlermen and fisheries observers, and get a glimpse at some of the incredible creatures of the deep, then I invite you to read the book.

Join me on my first trip at sea. Don’t worry, you can do it from the comfort of your armchair.

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“I think the word here is ‘Blimey!'” – Peter Collard

Feel more than sea sick……..
“The Perfect Storm”. – Pauline James

Response to Day 21

 I like it ! You write so vividly! – Roselyne Veranneman-Eyre

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