Salty Tales is the diary of my first sea voyage as a Fisheries Observer; 111 days on a Portuguese stern trawler during a stormy North Atlantic winter.

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Salty Tales

The trip began one October night in 2001, when I transferred from a fishery patrol ship to a rusty old trawler more than 200 miles out at sea, somewhere on Newfoundland’s Grand Banks.

My predecessor had left a note in  my cabin which read:

“Careful of the ship’s nurse – he is a bit too touchy feely if you catch my drift. Don’t believe the figures the Captain gives you – he’s making them up, and go careful around the crew – one of them was killed 2 weeks ago when he got caught in the winch was cut into 3 pieces. His brothers and cousins are onboard, and they are pretty cut up about it! Have a good trip!”

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If salty tales are your thing, and you’d like to understand a little more about the life of trawlermen and fisheries observers, and get a glimpse at some of the incredible creatures of the deep, then I invite you to read the book.

Join me on my first trip at sea. Don’t worry, you can do it from the comfort of your armchair.

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“I’m saving up several days at a time, then enjoying a quiet read. It makes me think of my life experiences on board various ships in different parts of the world, but mostly makes me think of my Dad and what it was like for him on his first trips away, he started out on steam ships!

I did laugh out loud a few times, brilliant stuff!” – Ruth Eley

“They say only the ones who go there knows how it is. Reading you it’s like being there again. Against all odds I miss it, don’t ask me why. Maybe is the feeling of belonging to the few who witness it in first person.” – Dani Fox

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